Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a show open now? Where and when is the next show going to open?
Flying Elephants Productions is making preparations for Gregory's next exhibition venue. We will announce the details on this website and on social media platforms as soon as the details can be made public. To be notified by email, please sign up here.

How do I order books/posters/the film/the soundtrack?
Items for sale are posted on our website and can be purchased directly from our store. If you have questions regarding your order or shipping, please contact our fulfillment company Mighty Tieton.

Can I buy a poster without text or in other sizes?
All of our posters are produced specifically for each exhibition and they all include information related to the event. All of the available sizes for our posters are displayed in our store.

Do you have posters other than the ones shown in the store?
All the posters that are available are displayed in our store.

How many images are in the exhibition catalog? Are all the images from the show included?
The Santa Monica Exhibition Catalog contains 192 images and includes all the images from the show. You can browse the images in the catalog as thumbnails in our store.

Does Gregory Colbert sell his original artworks?
Please feel free to contact Flying Elephants Productions for details about purchasing original artwork and collector books at

Can I use or license the photographs/films?
All Gregory Colbert images, as well as the Ashes and Snow feature film and both of the short films, Dreamsong and Black Rain, are copyright protected. Gregory Colbert has a fixed policy of not granting commercial or non-commercial third party use of any kind except in conjunction with an Ashes and Snow exhibition.

Does Gregory Colbert give interviews?
Gregory Colbert seldom grants interviews, but you may send your request to Please feel free to visit our press room to download information about Ashes and Snow.

What is in the exhibition?
The Ashes and Snow exhibition includes more than 50 large-scale photographic artworks, a one-hour film and two nine-minute film haikus.

What does the name of the exhibition mean?
The title Ashes and Snow refers to the literary component of the exhibition—a fictional account of a man who, over the course of a yearlong journey, composes 365 letters to his wife. The source of the title is revealed in the 365th letter.

Are these images of real events?
None of the images have been digitally collaged or superimposed. They record what the artist himself saw through the lens of his camera. Colbert does not rely on photomontage or digital manipulation to create his artworks.

How are the photographs made?
These mixed media photographic works marry umber and sepia tones in a distinctive encaustic process on handmade Japanese paper. Beyond this, Colbert does not share any information about the techniques that he uses—the type of film, the cameras used, or production techniques.

Why do none of the images have titles?
The artworks, each approximately five feet by eight feet, are mounted without explanatory text so as to encourage an open-ended interaction with the images.

How do I contact Gregory Colbert?
You may contact Gregory Colbert by sending an email to